Yamaha MT-07

Last year, Yamaha re-defined the naked motorcycle category with the MT-07. Our 2014 Bike of the Year remains great fun, fast, practical, economical and astonishingly good value for money. The fact it can be ordered in ‘A2 spec’ as a no cost option from your local Yamaha dealer makes this an easy victory.

“The MT-07 is still one of my favourite bikes from the last two years. It’s so fun to ride, and if you can initially get it fitted with an A2 kit, what’s the point in buying a bike twice?”

Phil West

Runner-up: Honda CBR500R

Last year’s winner is A2 compliant out of the crate, and still makes a fantastic proposition, but the Yamaha MT-07 offers more longevity.

Runner-up: BMW G 650 GS

The off-roader’s option, with an engine right on the 47bhp A2 power limit. It features long travel suspension, ABS, off-road tyres and luggage, making it a very grown-up proposition.

Category winners

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