Honda NC750X

No commuter offering better demonstrates practicality, ease of use and economy than the Honda NC750X. Being clutchless offers the ease and economy of a twist-and-go maxi scooter, plus clever storage – thanks to a re-located petrol tank – that creates enough space up front for a full size helmet. If you want a bike to go to work on, buy an NC.

“This kind of bike really feels like the future for urban commuters.”

David Burton

Runner-up: BMW C-Evolution

A pioneering first step into EV commuters from BMW, though high prices, limited range and a lack of infrastructure mean it’s only a credible alternative for early adopters.

Runner-up: Triumph Bonneville

Achingly cool and so rider-friendly, the Bonneville is an effortless, affordable and super-stylish way to get to work.

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